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Trash Talk: Thoughts, Words, and the Bible
Thoughts and words are the currency of the spirit
The Bible: Where Did It Come From?
Who, precisely, wrote the Bible? Is it different from other ancient books?
Why the Vast Disparity in National Prosperity?
Is it government policy, technology, race, religion, or something else?
The Unpardonable Sin
What is it? Am I doing it?
Who Are the Samaritans?
Samaria was a troublesome region north of Jerusalem during New Testament times.
Civility in Politics
Why do our politicians seem so confused about relatively obvious solutions? The Bible has several explanations.
Seven Churches of the Revelation
Degeneration of purity and power in the Church
Dinosaurs in the Bible
There are only a few terse references.
Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth
This is not a license for do-it-yourself surgery!

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