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Collecting Interest
Does the Bible prohibit collecting interest on loans?
Who Cleans the Toilet? A Biblical Perspective.
Does the Bible say anything about housework and who is supposed to do it? Surprisingly, yes.
Inter-faith Marriage
The Bible rejects the idea of people marrying outside their faiths. Here's more information.
How to Live with a Contentious Woman
If your wife is angry and domineering, it may be her fault. But it's probably you, her, and Jezebel.
Alcohol, Sex, and Happiness
Alcohol and sex bring happiness, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Will You Go to Heaven? Are You Sure?
How can I know for sure if I am destined for Heaven? I don't want to be destined for Hell.
God's Tipping Point
Our knowledge of God and accountability to Him depends on which side of God's tipping point we are on.
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety and depression are real problems, affecting millions. The Bible has several solutions.
Biblical Guidelines for Dating
The Bible gives only one reason for dating. Do you know what it is?
Music: Good, Bad, or In Between?
Elvis is not in the Bible, but the Bible has plenty to say about modern music.
Pets in Heaven
Will your dog, cat, horse, etc. be in heaven?
Gaining Heaven and Avoiding Hell
Jack seems to think you get to heaven by being good. The Bible says otherwise.

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