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How to Live with a Contentious Woman
If your wife is angry and domineering, it may be her fault. But it's probably you, her, and Jezebel.
The Bible requires believers to love and respect homosexuals. I don't see that happening very much ...
Why the Vast Disparity in National Prosperity?
Is it government policy, technology, race, religion, or something else?
Corporate Prayer
The Bible encourages all types of praying; the silent type is only one.
Seek God's Face, Not His Hand
When trouble plagues your life, deepen your relationship with God. Don't ask for a handout.
Race and Racism in the Bible
Segregation abounds in the Bible, but never by race. Discrimination in all forms is always condemned.
Music: Good, Bad, or In Between?
Elvis is not in the Bible, but the Bible has plenty to say about modern music.
Finding a Job God's Way
Can God help Sam find a job?
Is Prayer Important?
Prayer is a big, important topic. We give four top reasons to pray.
Interpreting the Bible: Who is Right?
Interpretations differ. Better understanding comes from better hermeneutics.
Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth
This is not a license for do-it-yourself surgery!

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