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Old Testament > Genesis > 2:4 Garden of Eden

Creation God's Way
Did God create Adam out of dust, and Eve out of Adam's rib? This seems very far-fetched!
How to Live with a Contentious Woman
If your wife is angry and domineering, it may be her fault. But it's probably you, her, and Jezebel.
Alcohol, Sex, and Happiness
Alcohol and sex bring happiness, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
The Bible requires believers to love and respect homosexuals. I don't see that happening very much ...
Finding a Job God's Way
Can God help Sam find a job?
Dinosaurs in the Bible
There are only a few terse references.
Honoring an Abusive Parent
The commandment says to honor your parents, not obey your parents
Gaining Heaven and Avoiding Hell
Jack seems to think you get to heaven by being good. The Bible says otherwise.

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