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Are All Religions the Same? [In Work]
Some people believe all religions are essentially identical. Can this be?
A Western View of Sharia Law
Islamic and Western civilizations clash with one another. They are based on different religious writings.
Creation God's Way
Did God create Adam out of dust, and Eve out of Adam's rib? This seems very far-fetched!
Who Cleans the Toilet? A Biblical Perspective.
Does the Bible say anything about housework and who is supposed to do it? Surprisingly, yes.
The Bible: Where Did It Come From?
Who, precisely, wrote the Bible? Is it different from other ancient books?
Inter-faith Marriage
The Bible rejects the idea of people marrying outside their faiths. Here's more information.
Alcohol, Sex, and Happiness
Alcohol and sex bring happiness, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
The Bible requires believers to love and respect homosexuals. I don't see that happening very much ...
What the Bible Says about Global Warming, etc.
Environmentalism is a hot topic today. The Bible has plenty to say about it.
Will You Go to Heaven? Are You Sure?
How can I know for sure if I am destined for Heaven? I don't want to be destined for Hell.
Why the Vast Disparity in National Prosperity?
Is it government policy, technology, race, religion, or something else?
God's Tipping Point
Our knowledge of God and accountability to Him depends on which side of God's tipping point we are on.
What is the Meaning of Life?
Bern says the meaning of life is death. The Bible says it is to be God's wife and soul-mate. We will explain.
Corporate Prayer
The Bible encourages all types of praying; the silent type is only one.
The Unpardonable Sin
What is it? Am I doing it?
What Happened to the Disciples?
Peter, James, John and the others. What happened to them after the ressurrection?
Who Are the Samaritans?
Samaria was a troublesome region north of Jerusalem during New Testament times.
Seek God's Face, Not His Hand
When trouble plagues your life, deepen your relationship with God. Don't ask for a handout.
Sex and Romance in the Bible
Wow! Does the Bible talk about sex and romance? Yes. A lot.
Bible Religion
There are all sorts of religions in this world. Bible-based religion is different than most.
Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?
Do people interact in heaven the same as they do on Earth? Will we know our loved ones there?
Is the Bible a Pack of Lies?
Derryck believes the Bible is false. We offer rationale and evidence that it is true.
Christmas and the Wise Men
What the Bible says; What the Bible Doesn't Say
Ear Lobes and the Hebrew Slave
The Torah's look-ahead to Christian service
Civility in Politics
Why do our politicians seem so confused about relatively obvious solutions? The Bible has several explanations.
Race and Racism in the Bible
Segregation abounds in the Bible, but never by race. Discrimination in all forms is always condemned.
Tattoos Are OK, Aren't They?
Some tattoos are really beautiful. They certainly are popular. What does the Bible say?
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety and depression are real problems, affecting millions. The Bible has several solutions.
Biblical Guidelines for Dating
The Bible gives only one reason for dating. Do you know what it is?
Music: Good, Bad, or In Between?
Elvis is not in the Bible, but the Bible has plenty to say about modern music.
Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer. Angels are mentioned about 300 times in the Bible
Seven Churches of the Revelation
Degeneration of purity and power in the Church
Does Baptism Save?
Is water baptism required for salvation? Can baptism save a soul?
Finding a Job God's Way
Can God help Sam find a job?
Dinosaurs in the Bible
There are only a few terse references.
Is Prayer Important?
Prayer is a big, important topic. We give four top reasons to pray.
Interpreting the Bible: Who is Right?
Interpretations differ. Better understanding comes from better hermeneutics.
Honoring an Abusive Parent
The commandment says to honor your parents, not obey your parents
What is a Graven Image?
Are statues ok? What about photography?
Does God Really Exist?
That is the fundamental question, isn't it, Creosote? There are three basic 'proofs' and we discuss each briefly.
Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth
This is not a license for do-it-yourself surgery!
Pets in Heaven
Will your dog, cat, horse, etc. be in heaven?
Gaining Heaven and Avoiding Hell
Jack seems to think you get to heaven by being good. The Bible says otherwise.

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